What to do before you start packing for the festival

What to do before you start packing for the festival
What to do before you start packing for the festival

Before you start writing stuff lists, wreaking havoc at home and running around asking "Did you remember the salt?" and "Did you check the lights? Are they working?" - Do your homework.

Check the weather forecast for the festival days. What temperatures are expected during the day and, most importantly, at night. Will it be rain or cloudy. If the event is in a mountainous area, like wide awake festival 2022, the forecast may be inaccurate: The weather changes frequently and unpredictably. You should check the forecast two to three days before the festival.

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Where you are going to stay. In a tent or in a cabin. Often the accommodation at the festivals is in a tented city but you may also find rooms to rent. The cottages often have minimal facilities: bunk beds without mattresses and no bathroom or kitchen, but they are still warmer than the outdoors. This rarely happens, but sometimes tents are charged separately and need to be booked in advance. It's worth checking with the organisers.

Where the parking area is located. How long it will take you to walk from your car to the camp site. If parking is close, you may be able to live in your car - this can be convenient too.

What about food and water. Is there a food court, or will it be a kitchen where you have to cook yourself. Is it possible to use a burner or make fires. Are there water coolers, drinking fountains, clean springs or areas where you can buy bottled water.

Is there a charging station. A place where everyone can charge their phones, cameras and tablets. If there isn't one, it makes sense to bring a powerbank or even a solar panel if you're not coming by car.

Shower facilities and toilet facilities. Often there's no shower - in which case you should bring more wet wipes and antiseptic. Or you can try to set up a shower on site. Don't forget a roll of toilet paper, as the restrooms at festivals are usually either bio-toilets or classic wooden boxes with a hole in the floor.

What to pack

There are three options: suitcase, backpack and bag. A suitcase is not the easiest way to get to the campsite as it will be dragged over mud, rocks, or at best across the lawn. Therefore you should carry your stuff in a backpack or, even better, in a bag. It can hold a lot of things, it opens wide, so it's easy to put things in and take them out. Most backpacks do not get wet and are made of very strong and unpretentious fabrics, which are very difficult to tear and easy to clean. Both the backpack and the bag are easy to fit in the car and easy to carry to the place where you will pitch your tent.

Where to sleep and camp

At almost all festivals people sleep in tents or cars. If you choose a tent you will need a sleeping bag and a mat. You can also take an inflatable or folding pillow to sleep more comfortably, because you are not constrained by the weight of equipment.

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What to do before you start packing for the festival