About us
A natural reserve in Lincolnshire is the setting for the family-friendly music and entertainment festival known as Alchemy. The organizers want it to remain completely free of corporate sponsorship, commercial advertising, and corporate sponsorship.
The Autumnal Equinox is celebrated this year on Saturday, which is as near to the equinox as possible.

The festival's goal is to offer a weekend of fun and entertainment for a fair price in a setting reminiscent of the old-fashioned festival, and over the past few years, it has earned a reputation as such. Nick Turner (Hawkwind et al.) specifically referred to it as a "old-style event" in an interview.

The organizers keep all pricing on-site under tight supervision so that they resemble high-street prices as much as possible. The majority of the entertainment options, which include a wide variety of workshops, walkabout performers, fire pits, fire displays, circus performers, and a ton more, are either free or inexpensive. No one is prohibited from bringing their own food or drink into the event; the only limitation is that no glass be brought in. y There is something for everyone because the music is such a diverse blend, according to the organizers. Over 100 bands and DJs perform on the 7 total stages, 2 of which are pedal- and solar-powered. The stages run continuously during the event's allotted durations. RDF, Zion Train, Back to the Planet, Nick Turner, and the Outriders of the Apocalypse are just a few examples of previous acts.

FIND LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE It makes sense that festivals and competitions attract only interested audiences. Immersion in a single art space and the very essence of the event seriously bring people together. You can find friends, sponsors, like-minded people to create with, curators who will be willing to organize your exhibition, new contacts and make useful acquaintances at such events. Also, participants in art competitions and festivals, either during the event itself or by publicising it in the media, can find a potential buyer. Serious art collectors have art dealers who keep a close eye on new names and the results of exhibitions, competitions and major industry fests. The Venice Biennale, for example, is followed by the whole world.

SHARING EXPERIENCES AND DISCOVERING TRENDS For the art world, as for any other, major events are an opportunity to share experiences and develop together. Art historians take festivals very seriously, because they show where art is going, what changes there are over a given period of time, what brings new artists and sculptors together. This is also how Fashion Week works, showing the direction of contemporary arts and crafts, trends and new values that designers and fashion designers have chosen. It is also an exchange of experience, as the presentation of new products demonstrates advances in technique, changes in materials and technology. Festivals in any field of art are an opportunity for budding talent to see first-hand the geniuses and talk to the masters. They bring together experienced and aspiring artists, and also help to understand the direction in which creativity is heading.